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SMM Training Institute in Marathahalli, Bangalore

Social Media Marketing commonly known as e-marketing or digital marketing is a form of marketing that uses social media as a platform to build a social network to share information and build a company’s brand, drive website traffic, and increase sales. SMM Training Institute & Course in Marathahalli is one of the leading institutes in the city, offering comprehensive training in Social Media Marketing.

In today’s time use of various social media platforms is very prevalent among all age groups worldwide, advertising and spreading the word about a service, product, or business using such platforms have become an important marketing tool, these social media platforms enable brands to understand the needs of their audiences better, connect efficiently with their audience to increase sales by increasing traffic to a website.

SMM paves way for companies to reach out to new customers, engage with existing customers and allows marketers to track their success through their data analytics tool which is built for this purpose, using this tool marketers can identify more ways to engage the audience, and track the results of their efforts too.

Social media marketing (SMM) is a crucial digital marketing strategy that delivers exclusive benefits for brands. It is the process of connecting with existing and potential customers in an organic way using social media to advertise and promote their products or services. Customer engagement, improving the customer experience, and generating more revenue are some of the goals which social media marketing centers around.

Social media marketing has altered the way businesses are approaching and influencing consumer behavior—from audience engagement by promoting content to extracting personal data that makes messaging easier with users. Social media today is so omnipresent that marketing techniques using these platforms are extremely important for businesses. As the use of social media marketing is increasing, marketers are in search of professionals who can perfect the strategies to engage and capture the significant audience

Global IT Trainings: – Social Media Marketing Training institute in Marathahalli

 If you are planning to join any Social Media Marketing course with certificates, then no doubt Global IT Trainings is a perfect place to go. This Social Media Marketing Training Institute in Bangalore is where students can learn how to make products and services popular over the internet by using different Social Media Marketing techniques. 

Global IT Trainings Social Media Marketing course allows students to understand thein-depth technicalities of different social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, etc.

Students can learn through live projects how to make a service, product, or business popular, which channel is working better for them, and what techniques should be used to get noticed. The institute’s mentors are industry trained, believe in smart working, and give a lot of tricks to work efficiently. Along with classroom studies, social media marketing online course is also available. SMM is a month-long program conducted both on weekdays and weekends.

Social Media Marketing Course includes Instagram marketing course, Facebook course, Twitter course, LinkedIn course, Pinterest course and YouTube course.

Social Media Marketing Course Content

  • Introduction to Facebook Marketing
  • Build Your Facebook Page
  • How to Create Facebook Ads
  • Facebook Ad Formats
  • View Your Advertising Data
  • Introduction LinkedIn Marketing
  • LinkedIn Profile Optimization
  • Setting up your LinkedIn Page
  • Advertising on LinkedIn
  • YouTube Channel Creation