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The Full Stack Developer Courses in Bangalore empowers learners to create stellar multi-platform solutions for web projects. It covers essential topics like HTML, CSS, JavaScript, frameworks like AngularJS, Express, NodeJS, React Native, Redux, .NET, jQuery, Django, MongoDB, Bootstrap, DOM, SQL, RESTful API, UI/UX, Networking, etc. 

Digital Marketing Training in Bangalore

Welcome to Global IT Training! We are a leading training institute in Marathahalli, Bangalore that specializes in teaching Digital Marketing. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced professional looking to enhance your skills, our comprehensive courses are designed to cater to all levels of proficiency.

Our Digital marketing course is an exclusive training program designed to help students master the Digital Marketing strategies and practices followed in the Digital Marketing field. We make sure all the bases are covered in our course curriculum, covering topics such as SEO, SEM, Crawling, Indexing, Paid Ads, Keyword Research and Analytics, On-Page SEO, Off-page SEO, Technical SEO, Link Building, Blog Marketing, Content Marketing, Competitor Analysis, Video Marketing, Mobile Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Email Marketing etc. In addition, Global IT Training helps you in your job search by providing top-quality placement training and assistance.

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    About Course

    Digital Marketing has tremendous scope in the market. To cope with the changing trends in Digital Marketing, one must keep updated with the necessary skill sets. One can excel in Digital Marketing by taking up certification courses. That being said, besides the certification provided by Global IT Training, there are several globally recognized certificates in Digital Marketing. Global IT Training has earned a reputed name for providing the Best Digital Marketing Courses in Bangalore, giving the students the necessary guidance to complete the certification course successfully.

    Numerous Digital Marketing Course Certificates are available online today, out of which many are free certifications for marketers who wish to step ahead in their careers. To qualify yourself as a professional candidate, having a certification gives the edge to recruiters seeking talent.

    Listed below are the top 7 Certifications that are to be taken by Digital Marketing candidates to excel in their careers.

    • Google Ads Certification
    • Google Analytics Certification
    • Google Ads Video Certification
    • Google Ads Apps Certification
    • Google Ads Measurement Certification
    • Meta Certified Digital Marketing Associate
    • YouTube Certification
    • HubSpot Content Marketing Certification
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    Course Highlights


    Module 1: Digital Marketing Landscape
    • Digital Marketing Overview
    • Campaign Goals
    • Important Digital Marketing Channels
    • Knowing to Develop Digital Marketing plan
    • Digital Marketing vs Traditional Marketing
    Module 2: Mastering SEO
    • Introduction for Search Engines
    • What is Crawling
    • What do you mean by Indexing
    • Other Search Engines vs Google
    • Paid ADS vs SEO
    • White Hat, Grey Hat, and Black Hat SEO
    Module 3: Keyword Analysis and Research
    • Deep research on potential keywords
    • Google keyword and Planner tool
    • Searching other keywords from Google Auto detection
    • Finalization of Money keywords
    Module 4: On-Page Optimization
    • Basic of HTML
    • Significant HTML Tags
    • META Desc, Title, H1
    • Keyword Prominence
    • Keyword Density
    • Content Optimization
    • Content-Length
    • Content Freshness and Uniqueness
    • Quality of Content
    • Image optimization
    Module 5: Technical SEO
    • URL Length
    • URL Structure
    • Page Speed Analysis
    • 301 Redirects
    • Robots. TXT
    • Sitemaps.XML
    • Internal Linking
    • Significant Schemas to be implemented
    Module 6: Off-page optimization
    • Google PageRank
    • Indicators measurements like PA and DA
    • Adding the Moz Bar Chrome Extension
    • Importance of Backlinks
    • Techniques of Backlinks
    • Social BookMarking
    • Forum Participation
    • Web 2.0
    • Article Submission
    • Blog Commenting
    • Classifieds
    • Directory 
    • Video Submission
    • Press Release
    • Infographics
    • Guest Posting Blog
    • Answering sites
    • Social Media websites
    • Industry Roundup
    • Audio Sharing Sites
    • Business Listing Websites
    Module 7: Advanced Link Building
    • Do-Follow Links
    • Link Wheel
    • Referral Links
    • Link Exchange
    • Link Juice
    • Link Pyramid
    • No-Follow Links
    Module8: Google Algorithm Updates
    • Panda Algorithm
    • Caffeine Algorithm
    • Penguin Algorithm
    • Page Layout Algorithm
    • EMD Algorithm
    • Page Layout Algorithm
    • Core Algorithm
    • Mobile-Friendly Algorithm
    • Other Recent Algorithm
    Module 9: Blog Marketing
    • Introduction to Blogs
    • Creation of Blogs
    • Attracting the Visitors
    • Knowing and choosing the right topics to post
    • Periodic Posting
    Module 10: Content Marketing
    • Creating the Original Content
    • Knowing the Content Marketing Strategy
    • Developing the Content Marketing Plan
    • Deriving the Specific Audience
    Module 11: Competitor Analysis
    • Competitor Analysis Tools like SEMRush, Ahref, and SEOProfiler
    • Competitor Links
    • Competitor Traffic Analysis
    • Detailed understanding of Ahref or other equivalent tools.
    Module 12: Website Audit
    • In Detail On-Page SEO Audit
    • Page Speed Audit
    • Content Duplication
    • Console Warnings and Errors
    • Google Penalty Check
    Module 13: SEO Tools
    • Ranker Tracker Tools
    • Website Audit Tools
    • Keyword Research Tools
    • ON-Page Optimization Tools
    • Backline Research tools
    • Content Creation Tools
    Module 14: Google My Business
    • Creation of Google Listings
    • Creation of Citations
    • Reviews
    • Periodic Posting of updates and their importance
    • Handling the Negative Reviews
    Module 15: Google Search Console
    • Organic Performance
    • Top Search Queries
    • Important Performance Metrics
    • Impressions, CTR, and Clicks
    • Top Pages
    • Use of Various filters
    • Structured Data
    • Coverage issue
    • URL Inspection
    • Mobile Usability
    • Site Maps
    • Logos, BreadCrumbs, and FAQS
    • Security Issues
    • Manual Action
    • Links
    • Legacy Reports and Tools
    Module 16: Google Analytics
    • Google Analytics Setup and User Analysis
    Module 17: Mastering SEM
    • Choosing Keywords
    • Creating Campaigns
    • Images Ad
    • Video Ad
    • Texted Ad
    • Animated Ad
    • Re-marketing
    • YouTube Marketing
    Module 18: Google Search Ad
    • Creation of a PPC Campaign
    • Quality Score
    • Ad Rank
    • Ad Groups
    • Keywords
    • Creation of Text Ads
    • PPC Budgeting
    • Negative Keywords
    • Bid Management
    • Extension SetUp
    • Optimization of PPC Campaign
    • Measuring the Key Metrics

    Module 19: Google Display Ads

    • Placement Targeting
    • Interest Targeting
    • Contextual Targeting
    • Topics Targeting
    Module 20: Remarketing Ads
    • Dynamic Remarketing
    • Standard Remarketing
    • Remarketing lists for the search ads
    • Email Marketing
    • Video Marketing
    Module 21: Video Marketing
    • Video Optimization Introduction
    • Creator Studio
    • Video Platforms
    • Creating Videos
    • Youtube Channel
    • Video optimization at an advanced level
    • Playlist
    • Youtube Analytics
    • Best Practices
    Module 22: Mobile Marketing
    • SMS Marketing
    • App Store Optimization
    • Paid ads and Targeting Mobile
    • Differences between Mobile Marketing and Web
    • Responsive Websites
    • Mobile Websites
    • Creation of a Mobile Process: Hybrid Apps Overview and Native
    Module 23: Whatsapp Marketing
    • Installation of Whatsapp Business
    • Configuration
    • Auto Messages
    Module 24: SMS Marketing
    • Identifying the Vendors
    • Promotional vs Transactional SMS
    • Database
    Module 25: Youtube Optimization
    • Creation of Channel
    • Finding Video Keywords
    • Optimization of Video Title
    • Optimization of Tag
    • Creation of Catchy Thumbnail
    • Description Hashtag
    • Subscriber Link Optimization
    • Youtube monetization
    Module 26: Social Media Optimization
    • Group Participation
    • Event Creation
    • Insight Reports
    • Optimizing post with HashTags 
    • Creation of Social Media Profile and Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and FB
    Module 27: Social Media Marketing
    • Various channels of Social Media
    • Facebook Marketing
    • Twitter Marketing
    • LinkedIn Marketing
    • Instagram Marketing
    • Growing Social Media Channels
    Module 28: Facebook Marketing
    • Facebook Page Optimization
    • Facebook business manager and creation
    • Campaign creation – Video, Event Promotion, Lead Generation, Post Reach increasing App store, and Pages like Ad
    • Setup of Audience
    • Creative Ad posting
    • Bidding and Budgeting strategy
    Module 29: Instagram Marketing
    • Optimization of Instagram Business Profile
    • Creation of Instagram Content Strategy
    • Influencer of Instagram Marketing
    • Bidding and Budgeting Strategy 
    • Instagram Paid Marketing in stories and feeds
    Module 30: LinkedIn Marketing
    • Optimization of the Linkedin company page
    • LinkedIn Ads- Search, Image, InMail, Retargeting Ads, and Job Postings
    • Bidding and Budgeting Strategy 
    Module 31: Twitter Marketing
    • Twitter Marketing for the Reach of Brand
    • Twitter followers
    • Instream video ads
    • App installations
    • Retargeting the audience
    • Bidding and Budgeting Strategy 
    Module 32: Email Marketing
    • How does Email Marketing functions?
    • Types of Email Marketing
    • Opt-in Email Marketing
    • Account setup for Email Marketing
    • List Setup and Web Form
    • Email Broadcast creation
    • Auto Responders for setup
    • Optimization of the increase inbox percentage
    • Choosing the top email marketing tool such as Mailchimp
    Module 33: Digital Marketing Certifications
    • Google AdWords Certification
    • Hubspot Certification
    • Google Analytics Certification
    • Youtube Certification
    • Facebook Ad certification
    Module 34: Quora Marketing
    • AD Setup of Quora
    • Audience Targeting
    • Contextual Targeting
    • Promotion of Answer
    • Questions Training
    • Audience Targeting
    Module 35: Tik Tok Marketing
    • Understanding what is Tik Tok
    • Knowing more about the followers and likes
    • Understanding the need for TikTok Ad
    • Creating Campaign
    • Placement Targeting – Helo App, Vigo, and Tiktok
    • Audience Targeting – Interest and Retargeting
    • Bidding and Strategy
    Module 36 – Setting up the Powerful Websites using the WordPress
    • Web Technologies
    • Knowing Terminologies
    • Domain Hosting and Registration
    • Knowing HTML
    • Installation of WordPress
    • User Administration
    • Setup of Website using WordPress
    • Paid theme vs Free theme
    • Selection of theme process
    • Installing themes
    • Changing themes
    • Activating and Preview themes
    Module 37: Lead Generation
    • Knowing Lead Generation methods
    • Becoming familiar with the landing pages
    • Website vs Landing Pages
    • A/B test for better lead generation
    • Mastering the lead funnel
    • Nurturing the lead process
    • Practical classes of CRM for lead management
    Module 38: Google AdSense
    • Adsense policy
    • Being approved by Google
    • Best Practices followed in the AdSense Code Generation
    • integrating the code for your blog
    • Earning money through Adsense
    • Improving the CTR
    Module 39: Affiliate Marketing
    • Knowing about the Affiliate Marketing 
    • Affiliate Marketing Portals
    • Legal Policies
    • Gaining the approval
    • Tracking the Affiliate Codes
    Module 40: Online Reputation Management
    • Tools that are required for ORM
    • SWOT analysis for ORM
    • Brand conversation on listening
    • Devising the ORM
    Module 41: App Store for Optimization
    Module 42: Conversion optimization
    Module 43: Heatmap Analysis
    Module 44: Achieving the goal in Digital Marketing


    Our Digital Marketing training program is led by seasoned industry professionals who bring a wealth of practical experience to the virtual classroom. Our mentors are dedicated to guiding you through the intricacies of Digital Marketing, providing insights into industry best practices, and offering career advice to help you succeed.

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    • Industry leaders with more than 10+ years of experience in Digital Marketing platforms designed the Digital Marketing Course in Bangalore at Global IT Training.
    • Global IT Training trains the students with a mix of theoretical and practical knowledge, making them understand and apply the concepts quickly. 
    • An Affordable Fee Structure with options for payment in installments.
    • Flexible Batch timing for the students and the working professionals as well.
    • 100% placement training and assistance is provided to students by the end of the course, including mock interviews and discussion of Digital Marketing Interview Questions and Answers.
    • Globally recognized certification of completion is provided.
    • Global IT Training tie-ups with over 1500+ small, medium, and large scale companies. Most of those companies have job openings for various roles, such as Digital Marketing Executive, SEO analyst, etc. 
    • Global IT Training has a Dedicated Placement Portal to support the students.
    • Global IT Training helps the students with mock interviews and group discussions and trains them professionally to take an interview.
    Trainers are Industry leaders with a decade of experience in Digital Marketing Platforms. Also, the Training faculty of Global IT Training are working professionals from the Marketing field and provide hands-on training to the students.

    Just being clear with your basic concepts is enough before enrolling in the course,

    • Basic English Knowledge – As the name suggests, the course teaches students about marketing on the Internet. They are taught to understand the different types of marketing strategies. Students need to hold at least basic English language knowledge.
    • Basics of Computer Skills – To work online, you must have basic computer skills, including navigating around the desktop, working on a mouse, using keyboard shortcuts, and operating software applications.
    Yes. A good understanding of digital marketing will give you an edge over others in today’s competitive world. Companies look for candidates who have some experience in digital marketing.