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The DOT NET Training in Bangalore at Global IT Training is an immersive learning program that aids the participants to have a comprehensive understanding of Dot Net Coding and its Space using the C# under the mentorship of real-time Dot Net Developers.

Dot Net Training in Bangalore

Welcome to Global IT Training! We are a leading training institute in Marathahalli, Bangalore that specializes in teaching Dot Net programming language. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced professional looking to enhance your skills, our comprehensive courses are designed to cater to all levels of proficiency.

The .NET which is also pronounced as “DOT NET” is one of the popular frameworks that provide programming guidelines that can be used for developing a range of applications such as Mobile, Web, and Desktop applications. The other important benefit of Dot Net is that you can use this application that runs on any kind of platform. The Developers shall reuse the codes and skills in a familiar environment.

The .NET is one of the fastest frameworks. It means that the applications shall provide a faster response and it only requires less computer power. In recent days, it has been the most opted framework among youngsters due to its demand in the market. If you are looking for the Best Dot Net Training Institute in Bangalore then you can opt for the Global IT Training. The leading companies around the globe prefer .NET over other languages due to its robustness and security. It also helps in the reduction of time consumption along with quality creation, which is reliable. Thus, this improvises the business for any organization. Further, it supports various other programming languages such as C#, VB, F#, etc which is easy for developers to build software/applications.

The Dot Net Training in Bangalore at Global IT Training teaches the students efficiently on the components of the Dot Net Framework with numerous real-time practices. The Dot Net Trainers at Global IT Training are Expertise in the software development industry and they train the students proficiently and inculcate all the necessary skills that are needed for a Dot Net Developer.

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    About Course

    The DOT NET Training in Bangalore at Global IT Training is an immersive learning program that aids the participants in having a comprehensive understanding of Dot Net Coding and its Space using the C# under the mentorship of real-time Dot Net Developers. Within the course of Dot Net Training, you will become proficient with the Dot Net Development process inclusive of the Data connection, Visual Studio Environment, WinForms, WebForms projects, and C# language. The .NET Training in Bangalore at FITA Academy aids the learners with necessary career assistance to impart in-demand skills and knowledge that are highly sought after.

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    Course Highlights


    Getting to know Dot Net Framework
    • Introduction to Dot Net Framework
    • Outline of Dot Net 4.5 frameworks
    • Dot Net for building different types of Applications 
    • Learning about CLR – Common Language Runtime
    • Learning about Libraries
    • Framework Class Library
    • Base Class Library
    • Knowing about Namespaces
    • Learning Assemblies 
    • Referring Assemblies
    • Knowing what is CTS – Common Type System
    • Learning the CLS – Common Language Specification
    • Interoperability between the Dot Net Languages
    • Knowing the JIT and JIT Compilers
    • Learning the Dot Net Memory Management and the Garbage Collector
    Setting Up and Installation of Up Microsoft Visual Studio
    • Learning the Visual Studio 
    • Different Editions of Visual Studio 
    • Installation and Downloading MS Visual Studio
    • Learning the Visual Studio IDE
    • Attributes of Visual Studio
    • Debugging Features in Visual Studios 
    • Learning the Visuals C# Projects
    • Learning to build different types of Dot Net Projects and Applications
    Learning OOPS
    • Comprehending the Object-Oriented Programming System
    • Concepts of the OOPS
    • Learning the Classes and Objects
    • Learning about Encapsulation
    • Learning about Polymorphism and Inheritance
    • Learning about Abstract
    • Learning the Interfaces and Delegates
    Programming in the C#
    • Knowing What is C#
    • Features and Benefits of C#
    • Learning about the Data Types in C#
    • Managing and Declaring Variables
    • Learning about the Casting
    • Implicit Casting and Explicit Casting
    • Learning the Enum and Constants
    • Understanding the Decision Making Structures in the C#
    • Control Structures in the C#
    • Learning about Arrays
    Implementing the OOPS with the C#
    • Creation of Class
    • Learning the Static and Non-Static Class
    • Objects Instantiating
    • Learning Methods
    • Learning Functions
    • Functions vs Methods
    • Learning about the Constructors and Destructors
    • Learning the Operator Overloading
    • Method Overloading
    • Learning Namespace
    Working with the Access Modifiers C#
    • Learning about the Access Modifiers
    • Learning about the Private and Internal
    • Learning about the Protected & Protected Internal
    Exception Handling in the C#
    • Understanding of Exceptions
    • Exception Handling
    • The “Try” block
    • The “Catch” Block
    • Application of “Finally” Block
    • Building and Throwing Exceptions
    • Knowing the Need for the Custom Exception
    • Building the Custom Class Exception
    Advanced Features of C#
    • Learning and Working with the Events
    • Comprehending and Working with the functionality of the Delegates
    • More on the Arrays
    • Knowing Collections
    • Learning about the Types of Collections
    • Differences between the Arrays and Collections
    • Getting to know the Generics
    • Advantages of the Generics
    • Understanding and Working with the Generic
    • Functioning with the Files
    • Learning the IO Streams
    • Learning about the Multi-threading in the C#
    • Using the Dependency Injection
    • Catching and Types of Caching
    • CRUD Operations (Insert, Delete, Select, and Update)
    • CRUD Operations using the Store procedures (Insert, Delete, Select, and Update)
    Microsoft SQL Server
    • Getting acquainted with the Database vs Relational Database Models
    • Beginning with MS SQL Server
    • Learning about the Database and Tables
    • Benefits of the Structured Query Language (SQL)
    • Execution of Simple SQL Queries
    • Learning the DDL and DML
    • Querying Multiple Tables 
    • Become Familiar with working with Joins 
    • Creation of Tables 
    • Management of Tables
    • Learning of the Primary key, Unique key, and Foreign key
    • Working on Indexes
    • Becoming familiar with the Transactions in SQL 
    • Managing Rollback & Commit
    • Working with the Views
    • Learning about the Triggers
    • Working on the Stored Procedures and Functions
    Learning of Web Applications
    • Understanding What is Web Application
    • Learning the Web Application Architecture
    • Getting acquainted with the 3 Tier Architecture
    • Benefits of 3-Tier Architecture
    • Learning the Client and Server-side code
    • Learning of the User Interface, backend, and Business Logic
    • Benefits of 3-Tier Architecture
    • Learning of Web Pages
    • Introducing HTML5
    • Introducing CSS3
    • Learning the ASP.NET
    • Learning the Server and Client
    • Comprehending the Server Control and Client Control
    • Learning the ASP.NET Page Life Cycle
    • Creation of the ASP.NET Projects
    • Learning the Web Forms
    • Working on the ASP.NET Forms
    • The functioning of the ASP.NET Validators
    • Learning the different kinds of Validation Controls
    • The functioning of the ListView Control
    • Functioning of the Drop Down List and the Data binding
    • Working with the GridView
    • Handling the Data Binding in the GridView
    • Assorting Data in the Grid view and handling the pages
    • Working on different Navigation Controls
    • Learning the User Controls
    • Learning the User Control Interaction with the Web Forms
    • Handling the States
    • Learning the AJAX 
    • Benefits of the AJAX
    • Functioning with the AJAX controls and toolkits
    • Handling the Authentication
    • Learning the Types of Authentication
    • Learning the IIS and enabling the IIS in Windows
    • Project Building
    • Deploying the Application
    • Learning the WebConfig 
    • Learning of the Machine Config files
    The ADO.NET
    • Learning of the ADO.NET
    • Connected vs Disconnected State
    • Learning the Data Reader
    • Learning of the Data Adapter
    • Learning and Functioning with the Data Sets and Data Tables 
    • Knowing how to work with the different ADO.NET Commands


    Our Dot Net training program is led by seasoned industry professionals who bring a wealth of practical experience to the virtual classroom. Our mentors are dedicated to guiding you through the intricacies of Dot Net development, providing insights into industry best practices, and offering career advice to help you succeed.

    Course Objectives

    Real-Word Projects

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    The .Net is an open-source, cross-platform, and free platform that is offered for a developer to build different kinds of applications. In the .Net you can make use of the editors, multiple languages, and libraries for building desktop, web, mobile, and games that are rich and dynamic. The Dot Net is developed by Microsoft, ASP.NET. The term ASP.NET stands for the Active Server Pages.NET is one of the unique attributes of Microsoft’s .NET Framework and is not restricted to any script languages.
    The Dot Net is one of the booming career options at present. Being Certified in the Dot NET shall open up the gateway for wider career opportunities. On a recent survey report, it is stated that there are more than 1,50,000+ job opportunities for the certified Dot Net Developer in the Software Development domain. On average a Dot Net Developer is paid around Rs. 3,70,000 to Rs. 4,50,000 per annum.
    The Dot Net Training in Bangalore at Global IT Training can be availed by any fresher graduates who desire to begin their career as a Dot Net Developer. However, this course is also intended for professionals such as Software Engineers, Web Developers, and Testing Engineers who aspire to switch their careers to Dot Net Developer.
    At Global IT Training, we don’t ask for any requisites in specific. However, having a basic knowledge of CSS, HTML, basics of C++ or Javascript will be an added advantage for you to learn the Dot Net Course quickly.
    The .Net Developers in Bangalore at Global IT Training are recruited after undergoing a rigorous interview process and profiling. The .Net Trainers at Global IT Training are hand-picked professionals from the Software Development domain who hold more than 8+ years of work experience.
    The .Net Training in Bangalore at Global IT Training is curated in the aspect to cater to the feasibility of the students. We offer Dot Net Training at different learning paths Offline – FastTrack, Weekday, and Weekend Dot Net Training in Bangalore at Global IT Training. Or you can opt for the Dot Net Online Classes at Global IT Training.