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Global IT Training is the best Sap MM Training Institute in Bangalore because we provide the best quality training to our students. We also have a well-equipped lab with all the latest SAP mm software so that our students can get hands-on experience.

SAP MM Training in Bangalore

Welcome to Global IT Training! We are a leading training institute in Marathahalli, Bangalore that specializes in teaching SAP MM. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced professional looking to enhance your skills, our comprehensive courses are designed to cater to all levels of proficiency.

Global IT Training is the best institute for SAP MM Training because we provide real-time project training. We have a team of certified and experienced trainers who are experts in their respective fields. The training is provided in a structured manner with classroom as well as online training sessions. We also provide placement assistance to our students.

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    About Course

    SAP MM is a module of the SAP EntSAPrise Resource Planning (SAP) package that is used for Procurement Handling and Management. The module has two important master data – material and vendor. Broadly, the various levels that can be defined for a SAP MM implementation are: Client, Company Code, Plant, Storage Location and Purchase Organization. SAP MM offers a fantastic career option for individuals with experience in Supply Chain Management and Procurement, and can be tailored to particular company requirements as needed.The SAP SCM direct procurement curriculum can help you optimize processes such as purchasing, inventory management, invoice verification, external procurement, services, pricing, forecasting, reporting, cross applications, and customizations.


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    Course Highlights


    Introduction to SAP
    • SAP Packages
    • Introduction to SAP
    • Functions and Objectives of MM
    • SAP Real Time Project Team Structure and Business Process
    • SAP R/3 Architecture
    SAP Navigation
    • Organizational structure of an EntSAPrise in the SAP R/3 System
    • Company, Company code, Controlling Area, Plant, Storage Location, Purchase Organization, Purchasing group
    Master Data
    • Material Master
    • Vendor Master
    • Purchase Info Record 
    • Source Determination
    • Source List
    • Quota Arrangement
    • Purchase Requisition
    • Purchase Order
    • Request For Quotation (RFQ)
    • Outline Agreement
    • Contracts
    • Schedule Agreement
    Document Types for Purchasing Documents
    • Define Document Type
    • Define Number Ranges for Document Types
    • Define Screen Layout At Document Level
    Release Procedure for Purchasing Documents
    • Purchase Requisition, Purchase Order, Request For Quotation (RFQ), Outline Agreement- Contracts, Schedule Agreement
    Pricing Procedure
    • Maintain Condition Table
    • Define Access Sequence
    • Maintain Condition Table
    • Define Condition Types
    • Define Calculation Schema
    • Define Schema Group
    • Define Schema Group
    • oSchema Group Vendor
    • oSchema Group for Purchasing Organization
    • oAssignment of Schema Group to Purchasing Organization
    • Define Schema Determination
    • oDetermine Calculation Schema for Standard Purchase Orders
    External Service Management
    • Service Master Creation
    • Model Service Specifications – MSS
    • Service PO
    • Service Entry Sheet
    Optimized Purchasing
    • Automatic PO w ref to PR
    • Automatic PO at GR
    Inventory Management
    • Movement types
    • Goods Receipt
    • Goods Issue
    • Transfer Postings
    • oTransfer Posting from Stock to Stock
    • oTransfer Posting from Plant to Plant
    • oTransfer Posting from Sloc to Sloc
    • Return Delivery to vendor
    • Initial Entry of Stock Balances
    • Reservations
    Physical Inventory
    • Types of Physical Inventory
    • Creating Physical Inventory Document
    • Entering Physical Inventory Count
    • List Of Inventory Differences
    • Post the Difference
    Special Stocks and Special Procurement Types
    • Consignment
    • Stock transport order
    • Subcontracting
    • Pipeline
    • Returnable transport packaging – RTP
    • Third Party Processing
    Valuation and Account Determination
    • Introduction to Material Valuation
    • Split Valuation
    • Configure Split Valuation
    • Defining Global Categories
    • Defining Global Type
    Special Stocks and Special Procurement Types
    • Introduction to Material Valuation
    • Split Valuation
    • Configure Split Valuation
    • Defining Global Categories
    • Defining Global Type
    • Defining Local Definition& Assignment
    Invoice Verification
    • Basic Invoice Verification Procedure
    • Invoice for Purchase Order
    • Unplanned Delivery Costs
    • Planned Delivery Costs
    • Credit Memo
    • Blocking the Invoice
    • Releasing Blocked Invoices
    • Subsequent Debit/Credit
    • Automatic Settlements (ERS, Cosignment,Pipeline)
    • GR/IR Account Maintenance
    • Stochastic Block
    • Parking Invoice Document
    Integration Concepts
    • Integration of MM with FI/CO
    • Automatic Account Determination
    • Integration of MM with SD
    • Stock Transport Order (STO)
    • Intra Company Stock Transfer
    • Inter Company or Cross Company Stock Transfer
    • Integration of MM with PP
    • MRP Concepts
    • Planned Independent Requirements
    • Consumption Based Planning
    • Reorder Point Planning
    • Automatic and Manual ROP
    • Forecast Based Planning


    Our SAP MM training program is led by seasoned industry professionals who bring a wealth of practical experience to the virtual classroom. Our mentors are dedicated to guiding you through the intricacies of SAP MM providing insights into industry best practices, and offering career advice to help you succeed.

    Course Objectives

    Real-Word Projects

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    SAP MM helps you streamline your materials management operations by managing all the procurement, production, and sales of your products. These functions include production, sales, and purchases:

    SAP MM interview questions and answers . Read the questions carefully and make notes of the questions you don’t understand. If possible, do a mock interview with someone who has been through an SAP MM interview. Our trainers are industry expert, to know more request a callback.

    First, you should understand the basics of SAP MM. The easiest way to do it is to learn from a SAP MM expert who can explain how each SAP MM transaction works. If you are looking for an SAP MM expert, you should go to Global IT Training.

    SAP MM is one of the core modules of the SAP ERP system. It is used to manage raw materials, work in progress, and finished goods, as well as packaged components and services. There are several advantages of using the SAP MM module. If you are interested in SAP MM certification, you can find a wide range of courses in the Global IT Training