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Global IT Training, the best learning experience of the Python Programming language, from its fundamentals to the advanced level concepts. Our Python courses consist of an extensive course curriculum, skilled and proficient training staff and numerous placement opportunities from over 1500 companies partnered with Global IT Training.

Python Training in Bangalore

Welcome to Global IT Training! We are a leading training institute in Marathahalli, Bangalore that specializes in teaching Python programming language. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced professional looking to enhance your skills, our comprehensive courses are designed to cater to all levels of proficiency.

Global IT Training bestows you with the best learning experience of the Python Programming language, from its fundamentals to the advanced level concepts. Our Python courses consist of an extensive course curriculum, skilled and proficient training staff, and numerous placement opportunities from over 1500 companies partnered with Global IT Training.

By the end of the Python Classes in Bangalore at Global IT Training, you will be obtaining a holistic knowledge of Python combining theory and practical applications and the skills needed to ace interviews through our dedicated placement training at the course’s end. The course covers essential Python topics such as variables, operators, Lists, Tuples, Ranges, Sets, Dictionaries, Functions, Exception Handling, Regular Expressions, and many more.

Python is revolutionizing the IT sector with its adaptability to modern technologies such as Data Science, Big data, Artificial Intelligence, and Machine Learning. For skilled Python Professionals, job opportunities are expanding across various horizontals and verticals in the IT industry. So, if you want to capitalize on those job opportunities, join Global IT Training and enroll in the Python Classes in Bangalore. “100% placement assistance and training is provided to students at the end of the course.”

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    About Course

    After completing the Python Classes in Bangalore, students are provided a certification of completion. This professional credential states your proficiency in accomplishing the coding tasks related to programming fundamentals in Python and the basic concepts and techniques used in the Object-Oriented Program, Web Development, and Game Development. Also, having a Python course certificate on your resume positively impacts the interview, and the chances of being prioritized are comparatively high.

    This certification signifies that the candidate possesses fundamental knowledge of the Python language, positioning them effectively within the field. The certification becomes a valuable asset during job interviews, allowing candidates to make a positive impression.

    Why Learn Python Training In Bangalore at Global IT Training?

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      Real-time Industry Experts as Trainers

      Placement Support till you get your Dream Job offer!

      Free Interview Clearing Workshops

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    Course Highlights


    Chapter 1: Python Introduction
    • What is Python?
    • Knowing the history of Python
    • Unique features of the Python language
    • Differences between Python 2 and Python 3
    • Installation of Python and Environmental Setup
    • First Python Program
    • Python Identifiers
    • Python Keywords 
    • Python Indentation
    • Document and Comments Interlude in Python
    • Command-line arguments
    • Getting to know User Input
    • Python Basic Data Types
    • What are the variables?
    Chapter 2: List, Tuples, and Ranges In Python
    • Introduction
    • Lists in Python
    • Knowing more about Lists
    • Understanding the Iterators
    • Generators and Comprehensions 
    • Lambda Expressions
    • Understanding and using the Ranges
    Chapter 3: Python Sets and Dictionaries
    • Knowing about the section in Python
    • Python Dictionaries
    • Understanding more Dictionaries
    • Sets
    • Python Sets Examples
    Chapter 4: Input And Output In Python
    • Reading Files
    • Writing text files
    • Appending to Files and Challenge
    • Manually writing the binary files
    • Writing Binary files with Pickle
    Chapter 5: Python Functions
    • Python user-defined functions
    • Python packages and functions
    • Calling and Defining the function
    • The anonymous Functions
    • Statement and Loops in Python
    • Python Packages & Modules 
    Chapter 6: Python Object Oriented
    • Overview of OOP
    • Creating Objects and Classes
    • Accessing attributes
    • Built-In Class Attributes
    • Destroying Objects
    Chapter 7: Python Exceptions Handling
    • What is Exception?
    • Handling the exception
    • Try..except..else
    • try-finally clause
    • The argument of the Exception
    • Standard Python Exceptions
    • User-Defined Exceptions
    • Raising an exceptions
    Chapter 8: Python Regular Expressions
    • What is a regular expression?
    • Knowing match Function
    • Understanding the search Function
    • Searching Vs Matching
    • Extended Regular Expressions
    • Search and Replace function
    • Wildcard
    Chapter 9: Useful Additions
    • Collections – named tuples, default dicts
    • Breakpoints and Debugging
    • Using IDEs
    • Matching vs searching
    Django Course Syllabus
    Chapter 1: Introduction
    • Installation of Django
    • Module Settings
    • Requests and Responses
    • Running the development server
    • Introduction to Django Admin Site
    Chapter 2: Models Layer
    • Introduction to Model
    • Field Types
    • Field customization
    • Making queries
    • Accessing the related objects
    • Django migrations
    • Raw SQL and search
    Chapter 3: Layer View
    • View functions
    • URLConfs
    • Shortcuts and decorators
    • Request and Response objects
    • File upload
    • Class-based views
    • Mixins
    • Generating PDF and CSV
    Chapter 4: Template Layer
    • Overview of the template language
    • Built-in tags
    • Built-in filters
    • Humanization
    • Custom tags 
    • Custom filters
    • csrf token
    Chapter 5: Forms
    • Introduction
    • Forms API
    • Validating forms
    • Built-in fields
    • Built-in widgets
    • Model form
    • Form sets
    Chapter 6: Internationalization And Localization
    • Types of vectors
    • Internationalization
    • Localization
    • Localizing UI
    • Form inputs
    • Model form
    • Time zones
    • Form sets
    Chapter 7: General Web Application Tools
    • Authentication
    • Django built-in authentications
    • Customizing authentication
    • Password management
    • Logging
    • Caching
    • Sending email
    • Syndication feeds (RSS/Atom)
    • Pagination
    • Serialization
    • Message framework
    • Sessions
    • Site maps
    • Signals
    • Static file management
    • Introduction to bootstrap framework
    Real-Time Projects
    • Bitly – a URL shortening service similar to
    • Twitter – Clone of twitter site


    Our Python training program is led by seasoned industry professionals who bring a wealth of practical experience to the virtual classroom. Our mentors are dedicated to guiding you through the intricacies of Python development, providing insights into industry best practices, and offering career advice to help you succeed.

    Course Objectives

    Real-Word Projects

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    • The Python Courseware in Bangalore at Global IT Training is designed by industry experts with more than 10+ years of experience in the Software Development field. 
    • A mix of theoretical and practical training is provided so that students can understand Python concepts and apply them easily. 
    • Comprehensive coverage of Python Course in Bangalore at Global IT Training with 60+ hours of training.
    • A Nominal fee structure for students and working professionals.
    • Batch timings that are flexible for the students and the working professionals as well.
    • Professional Python Course in Bangalore at Global IT Training with certification.
    • Global IT Training has tie-ups with over 1500+ small, medium and large-scale companies. Most of the companies have job openings for Python developers and roles related to Software programmers with knowledge in Python.
    • We have a dedicated placement portal to support the students.
    • Global IT Training supports the students with mock interviews, corporate training, and discussion of Python Interview Questions and Answers and trains them to take an interview confidently.
    Tutors are Industry experts with over a decade of experience in Software Development and Web development.
    After completing the course, we guarantee you will have mastered Python enough to solve small and large problems efficiently and effectively. Applying what you’ve learned during the training session will prepare you to work on any project.